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The Harder They Come

by Perry Henzel, music by Jimmy Cliff


"Make it Reggae: Marlon King and Rolan Bell impress in the stage adaptation of the cult Jimmy Cliff film, The Harder They Come.  It was a groundbreaking portrayal of ghetto life in Jamaica, about an ambitious young outsider Ivan arriving in Kingston dreaming of reggae stardom.  In Perry Henzell's stage adaptation, Rolan Bell captures much of the lose limbed swagger of Cliff's Ivan, opposite the outstanding Joanne Francis as the angelic Elsa and Marlon King as the druggy Pedro.  With top class acting, singing and dancing, Kerry Michael's superb production faithfully distill not just the movie's music and characters, but also, somehow its soul"

**** Evening standard

"But it's a terrific, often thrilling night out and deserves to run for longer than the rivers of Babylon"  

**** The Guardian

"The coolest musical in town by miles"

**** The Sunday Times

(c) 📷 Robert Day

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